Loom Walkthru

This part of the guide gives you a walkthru for the Loom guide. It means that if you do exactly like it says here, you will complete the game. If you havn't complete the game before, you should go to the Dictionary instead. Because it wouldn't be fun if you read this before, but it's your choice.

 1. The Sanctuary of the Elders

You begin on the top of the Loom island. Go down to the village and enter the tent far to the left. Go through the hall and you will reach the Loom where the Elders are. After the cut-scene take the distaff and look at the egg. You will learn Opening. Use Opening on the egg.

 2. Hetchel's tent

Go out from the sanctuary and go to the tent far to the right. It's Hetchel's tent. Take the Book of Patterns. Look at the dye-pot to learn Dyeing. Use dyeing on the heap or the wool. Sometimes you will get thread F here. Look at the flask and you will learn Emptying.

 3. The forest

Go out from the village and go to the forest. You will see four holes here where three of them contains a owl. Go to the far left and look at thorns. When the owl is gone you can take a look on the grave. Go to the holes and look at all four. Now all contains a owl and you will learn Night Vision.

 4. The secret of thread F

Go back to the village and enter the middle tent. Use Night Vision on darkness. Look at the wheel and you will learn Gold into Straw. Use Gold into Straw on the straw. Sometimes you will get thread F here. If you still havn't get thread F yet you can go to the sanctuary again and use Dyeing backwards on the first tapestry. Now you will have thread F. Go to the top of the Loom island, where you began the game and use Opening on the sky. Go down and go to the shore. Jump into the water and climb on the tree. Now you are on your way out from the Loom island.

 5. Leaving Loom island

You will see a waterspout. Look at it and you will learn Twisting. Use Twisting backwards and it will disappear. Now sail to the next island. When you reach the shore you will get thread G. Go to the woods to the left. There you will meet the shepherds. You will learn Invisibility from them. Walk away from them and go to the green city, the Crystalgard.

 6. Invisible Shepherds

Don't enter the Crystalgard. Go instead to the middle of the town and look at the highest point on the town. You will see workers there. Use Invisibility on the workers. Now enter the Crystalgard. Go around and you will meet Master Goodmold. Go to the conversation and listen to it. It is Bishop Mandible and Master Crucible who are talking.

 7. A step into the future

Go to the crystal in the same room, it is a teleporter which will teleport you to the workers. You are now invisible for them. Look at scythe and you will learn Sharpening. Go to the bell to the right and transport yourself to the sphere. Look at the sphere and you will learn Terror.

 8. The Guild of Shepherds

Now go back to the forest and meet the shepherds again. Use Terror on them. Go in the forest and you will come to the Guild of Shepherds. Look at the sheeps and you will learn Sleep. Go to the far left and enter the village. Look at the lamb and Fleece will show up. Talk to her. Go out from the hut and you will see a lot of sheep on the grassfield. Use Dyeing on them and a dragon will capture you and take you to the Dragon's Lair.

 9. The Dragon's Lair

Use Straw into Gold backwards on the gold and you will get thread A. Use Sleep on the dragon. When the dragon is gone enter the cave. Use Night Vision on darkness. Go to the east and enter a place there. Then go to the west and you will come to a pool. Look at the pool and you will learn Reflection. Use Emptying on the pool and look at the sphere. Go behind the stone pillar and continue your journey. When you come out from the cave you will see stairs. Use Twisting backwards on stairs. Now you will come to the Guild of Blacksmiths.

 10. The Guild of Blacksmiths

Use Sleep backwards on boy and you will talk to him. Use Reflection on Rusty (the boy). Go to the far left, to the Forge. The gatekeeper will let you in. When you are in prison take a nap on the straw. After the cut-scene take the distaff and use Opening on the door. Go downstairs and look at the conversation. When Edgewise have stopped hammering and rises the sword, use Sharpening backwards or Twisting on the sword. Bishop Mandible will take you to his castle.

 11. Never look inside a Weaver's hood

After the cut-scene use Opening on the gate. After another cut-scene look at the sphere. If you have choosen Expert mode you will see something you wouldn't see if you had chosen Standard or Practice mode. Go out from the room and talk to Mandible. He will open the Pattern and let the dead ones out. Take back your distaff after the cut-scene. Go back to the prison and go out again and a beast will come after you.

 12. Outside the Pattern

When you are outside the Pattern go to the hole you fell out from and use Opening backwards. Go to the next hole and enter it. You will meet Rusty's spirit. Use Healing on Rusty and go out from the Pattern. Use Opening backwards on the hole when you are outside. Go to the next hole and enter it. Use Healing on the shepherds and go outside again. Use Opening backwards on this hole too and go to the next hole. Enter it and talk to Master Goodmold. Go out from the Pattern and use Opening backwards on this last hole. If you have closed all four holes you will get thread B.

 13. The hunt for Loom

Go to the far left and you will enter the Shore of Wonder. Talk to the swan and then go to the right. Enter the hole that leads to Loom island. Go to the sanctuary. At the Loom you will meet Chaos and Hetchel. Look at the Loom and learn Silence. Use it backwards on Hetchel. Look at the Loom again and learn Shaping. Use Shaping on Hetchel. Look at the Loom for the last time and learn Unmaking. Use Unmaking on the Loom and enter the hole. Now use Transcendence on myself. It is always the draft C´FGC. Now make yourself comfortable and watch the ending.

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