Loom Dictionary

Here you can look up the word you are looking for just like a encyclopedia, but for the Loom game. In the list to the left you will find all the words from the game. If you click on one of them you will know if it is a useful thing. Example, if you want to know more about the leaf , you could look up leaf in the encyclopedia. Click on the text and you can read about it to the right.

In the text you will find the words spellweaving, draft and thread. If you don't know what they means I will tell it for you. Spellweaving is a macigal spell that you can learn during the game. Example if you are in the sanctuary and look at the egg you will hear sounds. It is the spellweaving Opening you will hear. Each spellweaving have a draft. It is the sounds you heard. Remember the sound and write down the threads. A thread is a musical note or a tune. Each draft has four threads. Be sure to write down all four threads.

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